Meal Planning for the O Trek

Vegetarian Meal Planning for Trekking Torres Del Paine

So you’ve navigated the booking systems, booked flights and are really to trek to the edge of the world in Torres Del Paine. You’ve done the math, paid the Park and realised… you are in fact a regular human and a multimillionaire who can afford to pay $30 a meal for 8 days. We got you. 

If Torres Del Paine will be one of your first stops on your adventure, we highly recommend bringing premade meals from home. Double check the immigration rules with Chile but we had no problem bringing in pre-made vacuum packed oatmeal bags, which, to be completely honest, really did look like bags of indistinguishable white power.

We’re vegetarian and HUNGRY people. Sustaining our appetites whilst trekking for 12 hours a day was a genuine concern. Honestly, I was more worried about having enough Snickers bars than I was about Pumas. 

Here’s what we packed for 8 days Trekking the O Circuit for 160 km.

vegetarian meal planning


We ate soup, pasta, risottos and noodles. There were a lot of nuts, dried fruit, chocolate and snicker bars for lunches and snacks. There may have been a bottle of Pisco that was worth the weight on freezing nights. 

While Puerto Natales has several supermarkets with a reasonable selection of food, it’s not what you can expect in the US or UK. Stocks were slim on the ‘good’ pasta, risottos, noodles, etc. Bring Snicker bars from abroad or buy them in Santiago. In the park, you will pay about $4 a bar. We also bought freeze-dried packets of fruit that were casually on sale in a Santiago supermarket for about $1/pack. These made all the difference in diversifying our oatmeal brekkies. The mice also liked them! 

Keep it light. With pasta, you need to also buy sauce and together they end up being a rather large/heavy meal option. We found the dried Risottos the best deal going for taste, price, weight and space. 

Pro Tip for vegetarians: We bought a kilo of dried soya to bolster out meals and despite looking like mystery meat, it was surprisingly delicious and really did fill us up. We commented several times a day how thankful we were in buying it. You can find it in the ‘health’ or ‘gluten-free’ section of the larger supermarkets.