LISTEN NOW! Travel Podcast Teaser - Coming Soon

It’s been 13 months on the road. We’ve visited beautiful and bizarre destinations across the globe.

There’s a lot of down-time, which we spend researching our next destination, keeping entertained with podcasts or docos, and slowly coming to terms with the impending reality we have become those people who actually curate content on a travel blog. Eye roll, I know.

The idea of producing an actual, real life podcast episode was terrifying but the challenge to learn a new skill stared back with a knowing look, "Your Type A is showing… We were definitely going to do this.

Enter: Opportunity. We read that Gimlet Media, the maker of some of our favourite podcast series (Science Vs., Mogul, Reply All, Twice Removed), has teamed up with Squarespace, the brilliant design platform our website is built on to produce, Casting Call, a new reality audio series. They’re looking for new voices and ideas in podcasting and we’ve put our hat in the ring.

What are you going to hear? We’ve been collecting fun, funny, weird and imperfect travel stories and are working to curate them into light-hearted short stories.

We so often only see and hear about the glamorous side of travel through filtered Instagrams, shiny travel blogs or well-beaten how-to guides that make every travel adventure sound smoothy-cruisey.

But what about when they’re not? With ‘I Did It Anyway’ I aim to check the #wanderlust at the door to have frank conversations about the real, grittier side of travel. From people who were in it for a good time, for a long time and even from a long time ago.

Delivered weekly in short stories with the benefit of hindsight, hear from travellers who got lost in translation, embraced failure, navigated cultural faux-pas and lived to share their tales.

FEEDBACK! Let us know what you thought in the comments below. Have an idea for a theme or place you'd want to hear more about? Speak up! 

Do you have an insane, hilarious, weird or otherwise did-not-go-to-plan travel story that you would like to share? Drop us a line in the form below or email us at 


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