Explore Rome by Night


Have the Eternal City to your self once the sun sets

Exploring the ancient city of Rome is a literal journey through time, weaving in and out of history by the century. Buildings on top of churches inside colosseums rebuilt into museums a hundred times over. Every corner was a new, old, ancient wonder.

Oh yeah, and 4.2 million of your fellow travellers making the visit each year. "I can't help it that I'm popular," says Roma, but, in Italian.  With numbers like that, Rome is the world's 37th most visited destination. 

To avoid aggressive shoving (by fellow tourists and you), verbally abusing small children on scooters or getting pickpocketed in the crowds, here is my best word of advice. 


We arrived late and immediately hit the streets. I wish I could tell you it was my wanderlust to explore a new city. It was not. I was so hangry I was about to murder something. 

Whilst everyone is stuffing their face with decadent pasta, get out there. It was an incredible surprise to be floored at every turn, see such opulence in the Vatican and touch the walls of the Parthenon that have been standing since with 6th century B.C. Walking 17.5 km was no joke in plastic Birkenstocks...

You can’t help but love the energy of a Millenia 🏟