Hola, we are Betsy and Jamie.  

After six years of calling Sydney our home, we began planning an independent trip around the globe, laced with adventure (read: bad planning).

We love to discover weird stuff, meet larger than life characters, and collect bizarre stories from life on the road.  

This travel blog is very much in its infancy as we continue to travel full-time, collecting stories and photographs. Starting a joint venture has always been a dream, specifically, a terrifying one as we quite enjoyed being married! 




Exotic Englishman, Jamie, spent a childhood terrorising villagers in the Midlands before taking his first flight at age 18. As a tortured artist (art school and everything!), he is the creative drive and main photographer on adventures abroad. Always the avid outdoorsman, Jamie is an experienced rock climber, snowboarder, a wanna-be mountaineer and a lousy surfer. 



Southern wild child, Betsy, kicked Kentucky for a life down under. It took a 52 countries and decade working in adland's PR, Creative and Media agencies to slowly realise life is about more than champagne, canapés  and campaigns. Always up for some fun, food, adventure and general taking the piss out of herself. She's also a better surfer than Jamie. 




We believe travel is a privilege and is to be treated as an opportunity for growth.  Grow your mind, your perspective, the community around you, the environment, an animal, even a plant. 

We believe humour is what makes us human. Have a laugh at yourself, share a laugh with someone new. 

Our approach to travel is simple - tread lightly, be kind and leave a place a little nicer than you found it. 



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